Timeless Travels

Welcome, Fellow Traveler

I am Zachary Perelman. I am a certified Legacy Doula (End-of-Life Doula), an Existential Coach, and a Spiritual Advisor.

Welcome to this Sacred Space.

This is a space where you will be afforded the atmosphere, time, compassion, topical knowledge, practical assistance, and unconditional moral support to keep you actively writing your story and choosing your adventure until you take that transcendent step into the Great Beyond.


i would be distinctly honored to GUIDE YOU oN YOUR voyage beyond this lifetime…


Creature Comforts is a brutally honest self-assessment of one man’s moral standing within the enigma known as “the human experience.”

It’s a modern-day odyssey through the innumerable adversities facing the average person in the face of life’s grandest challenges. Its travails address such topics as: self-worth, vocation, virtue, morality, purpose, success, failure, pride, shame, grief, joy, humor, depression, despair, loss, triumph, and the end-all pursuit for each of us to transcend our inherently human shortcomings. Action, absurdity, hedonism, narcissism, competition, academia, heroics, calamity, fortune, sex, drugs, and even a touch of rock’n roll abound!

Witness the evolution of spirit as the supremely raw, unfiltered, and unapologetically organic phenomenon that it happens to be. Creature Comforts is the illustrative reassurance that no matter how lost, broken, or defeated we may feel ourselves to be, every one of us is very much redeemable. Moreover, each of us is anything but alone.