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Story is our only boat for sailing on the river of time.

-Ursula K. Le Guin

Doula Services

Because the aging and dying process is unpredictable, messy, and ever-changing, hours can be utilized towards any of the listed baseline doula services, and they NEVER expire. We will schedule them as life demands, and I will proverbially “bend over backward” to see that the conventional M-F/9-5 approach doesn’t bind them. I’ll work with you so you have everything you need in real-time to age with peace, comfort, and companionship. I would be honored to accompany you every step of the way. Rates range from $35-75 per hour and are negotiable on a needs-based scale.

Baseline Doula Services Include:

  • Building Sacred Space
  • Companionship
  • Vigil Planning & Services
  • Respite Care
  • Spiritual Advising
  • Ongoing Support

Legacy Project Subscription pricing

Your legacy MATTERS! And like most things that matter, legacy projects are typically only achieved with guidance, commitment, and follow-through. Much like your trainer at the gym, allow me to be your Legacy Coach, and together, we can keep you engaged and on a timely track to get your life story documented for the ages.

Of course, this is something you can do on your own. Pick up a pen and go for it the old-fashioned way if you happen to be built for that; most of us aren’t. Or, if you’re looking for a little more digital structure, you can submit your responses of canned questions to inanimate computer interfaces. Numerous online programs can facilitate this basic pursuit. If that works for you, I wish all the more power to you and your endeavor! For most people, the human element is invariably lost in such a process. It’s the organic synergy between two, connecting human beings that genuinely drives processes like these to their utmost potential. Face-to-face interpersonal connection in real-time naturally inspires the flow, purpose, and raw emotion in recalling life’s most significant moments.

So, make me that human element! Pick one or multiple types of Legacy Projects, and let’s design, develop, and produce the priceless gift(s) you bestow to the world we all must someday leave behind. Through the $500 essential monthly subscription* to Legacy Project Services (cancelable at any time), we will keep you engaged, focused, and on track with your chosen undertaking(s) and ensure your legacy lives on indefinitely. If you feel that the moment is passing by too quickly, you can expedite the process and double the time of your sessions (2 hours per) for an upgrade to the $850 enhanced monthly subscription.

******Check out the pricing of similar service providers– none of which provide video interview footage, bonus doula service hours, or face-to-face human connection in their processes: My Story, Story Terrace, Life Stories Preserved, Excel Book Writing, Story Savor, No Story Lost, The Urban Writers******

*Most projects can be completed within 1-3 months. Each project naturally varies in length.

Negotiable pricing on non-conventional, custom projects.

Gold Quill Pen

Types of Legacy Projects include but are not limited to:

  • Memoirs- An all-encompassing narrative of one’s life story

  • Short Stories- A collection of stories curated into one seamless work of art

  • Family Histories- In-depth exploration, research, and documentation of family genealogy

  • Legacy Letters (Ethical Wills)- Individualized and calculated parting words for each of your loved ones

  • Obituaries & Eulogies- Artistically yet concisely putting words and meaning to life as it was truly lived

  • Custom Prayers & Designed Rituals- Customized comforts for each as they approach every day with meaning

  • Life Celebrations- Uniquely personalized life celebration events, accurately reflecting your life and values

  • Heirloom Histories- Preserving the historical relevance of the treasured keepsakes of your life- especially pictures
Stacked Books

Each month’s subscription will include:

  • Weekly one-hour sessions (two-hour for the enhanced subscription): Sessions include time for creative planning, interviewing, editing, ghostwriting, and all other processes of mutual collaboration, including final production.

  • Memoirs, Short Stories, Heirloom Histories, and Family History Projects come with a subscription an online interview-to-storybook making platform, accessible to family and friends- replete with one hardback copy and one PDF file of your very own legacy book. Your digital copy will come with a designated QR Code for universally sharing. Submit your own color photos to be included! Multiple hard copies are available for an additional price.

  • All other projects will be awarded a one-time credit of $99 towards third-party, post-production services (i.e. books, e-books, pictures, video editing services, etc.) or my hourly doula services.

  • Non-Session maintenance time for my independent preparations such editing, uploading photos, logistics, third-party customer service correspondences, etc. This will keep our one-on-one sessions as focused and efficient as possible. Time demands may fluctuate monthly based on the project’s needs but will not affect the membership price either way.

  • One service hour of future End-of-Life doula services to be utilized when the necessary time arises. These accrued hours can be used towards any of my above-listed baseline doula services and at any point in the client’s aging or surviving family’s post-mortem processes. They can be used independently or added to purchased hourly packages of baseline doula services. The more time we spend together in sessions, the closer our interpersonal bonds inevitably become, and the more time we will have to overcome the sensitive and practical challenges of advanced aging.

  • Video files of the interviewing process for your digital archives- These are *INVALUABLE* and can be passed on to your loved ones and stored for generations to come.

Types of Legacy writing Projects

The Process

“I’m writing this book because we’re all going to die.”

– Jack Kerouac


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