I hope it is true that a man can die and yet not only live in others but give them life, and not only life, but that great consciousness of life.
-Jack Kerouac


You arrived at this very moment, not a second too early and not a second too late. At this very moment, you find yourself blessed with our timelessly ancestral rite of passage.

I would be distinctly honored to guide you on your timeless journey in the following ways:


This is the launch point from which we establish the needs, desires, and preferences of the dying. This process includes strategizing with the support team (doctors, therapists, family, friends, etc.), ensuring a cohesive network of seamless support. Building a sacred space allows those on their ultimate adventure to proceed with comfort, grace, and meaning. Inside this sacred space is where information regarding one’s pre and post-mortem options will be thoroughly addressed. It is a space free of judgment and outside influence.


The most interpersonal of all offered services, companionship is both simple and profound. Humans are social beings by nature, so no one should ever feel alone as they prepare for their transcendental journey. So, don’t go it alone. We can talk. We can sing. We can dance or debate or tell jokes or just be. The organic nature of human relationships tends to dictate this space.


In the final days and hours before transition, it is paramount that the support team does its diligence to prevent the dying from doing so alone. We can proactively collaborate to devise a plan for caretakers, family, friends, and others to work in shifts, accompanying the beloved until the final journey has been undertaken.


Caregivers need their R & R – just like everyone else. If they are too weary, they are of far less value to those they serve. That said, I would like to step in and offer practical care assistance. Making sure the traveler is at all times clean, comfortable, and cared for with empathy is of supreme priority. Together, we can make this level of care continuity entirely tenable.


Regardless of faith, spiritual disposition, belief structure, etc., everyone is entitled to express and discuss their innermost beliefs regarding mortality and existence. All expressions are to be unconditionally honored during this process. Whether affirming our sacred intuitions or exploring other cultural, religious, and/or historical approaches to death and dying, questioning death, or creating new rituals of one’s own making, this is a divine space we can customize in any way the traveler sees fit.


This is happens to be my specialty practice! This can take many forms. It may be a Life Review, recounting your story up to this point- which may be just for the traveler. Perhaps it becomes a Legacy Project, left for the surviving loved ones of the traveler – a creative writing undertaking, a living funeral, planting a garden, a video series, legacy letters, or any other mode of self-expression your soul can conjure. There is a world of possibility for one’s enduring legacy. A person ultimately dies two deaths- one when their body returns to the Earth and one when their story is last told. Let’s see your story live on!


If the bereaved needs help to rearrange the home, managing the traveler’s possessions, logistical help, or you need guidance and emotional support once the dust has settled, continued services are available. The ramifications of death can prove themselves challenging for weeks, months, years, or a lifetime. Whatever your struggle and whatever the timeline, grief takes however long it takes to process. Never feel alone in the wake of a loved one’s passing. Surviving Death enrolls you in the worst club you will ever join in this lifetime- The Grief Club. Yet, it is a club endlessly chock-full of strong, loving, compassionate members who will see you through the grief process. Believe that.


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